01 January 2007

Dirty blogging in Washington

Jessica Cutler was described by the Washington Post as a "blog slut." With those credentials, she is off to court to defend herself against a $20-million damage suit brought by former senatorial legal counsel Robert Steinbuch. Mr. Steinbuch claims his privacy was violated in a blog Jessica published under the alias Washingtonienne. Cutler closed Washingtonienne down when it was brought to wide public attention by another blog that does the dirty on Washington, Wonkette; however, Ms. Cutler continues to blog under her own name.

Washingtonienne caused quite a stir in the capitol with references to married men who paid her for sex and juicy tales of spanking, handcuffs and lunch-hour prostitution.

As the case proceeds, legal scholars look forward to the setting of precedents, Washington salivates at the prospect of some of the hottest gossip since Clinton and Lewinsky manifesting itself in open court, and bloggers apprehensively monitor the case for what it may mean for online gossip.

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