26 February 2007

Why are we siding with al-Qaeda?

According to a story in the March'07 issue of Harper's Magazine, last year Osama bin Laden's top deputy, Ayman al-Zawiri, chastised Hamas for engaging in electoral politics, insisting Palestine could only be liberated by armed jihad. Curiously, the West seems to be sending Hamas and the Palestinians a similar message.

Hamas's first foray into electoral politics was hugely successful, leaving them as the new government of the Palestinian territories. The West, however, does not approve of their policies and quickly, led by Canada no less, shunned them, cutting off aid and refusing to negotiate with their leaders. We seem to be reinforcing al-Zawiri's message: electoral politics doesn't work unless you submit to the West.

When we are on message with al-Qaeda in criticizing democracy, we might want to review our position before too many Palestinians, and others in the Muslim world, start believing us.

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  1. Brillian post, Bill! I have asked these questions myself, and I even posed it to my MP Steven Fletcher (CPC). He stated that if citizens want aid from the Canadian government, they should be careful of who they elect.

    It was simply shocking. As a democratic society we should be promoting all nations to engage in the democratic process - and when they do, we cannot punish them for the choice they make on the ballot if we do not agree with them!

    Excellent post!