10 August 2007

Bush or Iran's neighbours ... who to believe?

While George W. Bush persistently insists that Iran is a menace to its neighbourhood, the neighbours beg to differ. Afghan President Hamid Karzai refers to Iran as helpful to his country, while Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki emphasizes the growing ties between Iraq and Iran.

Bush accuses Iran of
destabilizing Iraq (a comic accusation considering the U.S. has brought down a chaos on Iraq that would warm the hearts of barbarians like Attila or Genghis Khan). Al-Maliki, on the other hand, praises Iran's constructive role in fighting terrorism in his country.

So, Iran as menace or as good neighbour? Who to believe? Karzai and al-Maliki, who represent the neighbours, or George W. Bush, who represents a nation on the other side of the world and whose ignorance of the Middle East surpasses belief?

I opt for the local boys.

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