16 January 2008

Harper's Palestine policy: sucking up to the Aspers?

That the Conservatives should side strongly with the Jews over the Arabs in Palestine is to be expected. Conservatives, after all, are inclined to support the haves over the have-nots. I suspect in this case, however, there is a more immediate political reason. The most powerful media organization in this country is the Asper family's CanWest Global which owns five of the country's top ten newspapers, including one of the two national papers, as well as one of the two private TV networks. And the Aspers are aggressively pro-Israel.

It has been said that Rupert Murdoch is the world's most powerful man because of his vast global media holdings. He can make or break politicians with a flick of his rhetorical wrist. The Aspers might well be considered Canada's version of Rupert Murdoch. The prime minister may be the most powerful man in the country at any moment, but while prime ministers come and go, the Aspers' media empire goes on and on. Offending them is politically risky. Currying favour with them, particularly on an issue dear to their hearts, is politically astute. And Harper is nothing if not politically astute.

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