10 March 2008

What a diabolical species we are

Here's a series of logic for you:
  • Alberta Sustainable Resources Development is initiating a project to shoot adult and baby wolves.
  • Why? To increase the elk population.
  • And why increase the elk population? So that hunters have more to kill.
  • Ergo, we are going to kill more wolves so that we can kill more elk.
In other words, the Alberta government would rather have hunters killing elk for fun than wolves killing elk to feed themselves and their families. Such is the arrogance of Homo sapiens.

A representative of the department, one Darcy Whiteside, justifies the killing with the comment, "No one has a problem swatting a mosquito." So here we have someone in charge of our wildlife that doesn't know the difference between a mosquito and a wolf, between an insect and a mammal. This is wildlife management in the environmentally benighted province of Alberta.

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