17 January 2009

Madness in Mugabeland

Wanna get rich quick? Head for Zimbabwe. For a mere forty bucks you can get a 100-trillion Zimbabwe-dollar banknote. That's right, one hundred trillion. It's not worth much -- well. forty bucks, actually -- but think about just once in your life having 100 trillion dollars in your pocket. The country has just issued new $10-trillion, $20-trillion, $50-trillion and $100-trillion notes to try to keep pace with inflation.

Zimbabwean dollars, unfortunately, are like everything else in the country these days -- worth little and rapidly worth less by the minute. Prices double every day. And then there's other bothers like the cholera outbreak, which has taken more than 2,000 lives so far, human rights workers are systematically tortured and talks on a power-sharing agreement between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the country's lunatic president Robert Mugabe have stalled. The madness never ends.

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