26 November 2009

Bush had his Blair; Obama has his Harper

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Harper said he wouldn't be attending the climate change meeting next month in Copenhagen. On Thursday, he said he would. Why the change of mind? Simple. U.S. President Obama declared he will be attending.

Former prime minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, gained a reputation as a poodle for dutifully following the policies of the Bush administration. But not even Blair was as subservient to the U.S. as we have become under the Harper government.

We used to take a relatively balanced approach to the Middle East and as a result wielded considerable influence in the region. Under the brilliant diplomacy of Lester Pearson we even managed to end a Middle Eastern war and we gained a Nobel prize for it. Now we meekly follow the American lead of unequivocal support for Israel and have no influence at all.

We once gained respect in the international arena through our efforts at peace-keeping. Now we have abandoned that honourable role to commit ourselves to little more than marching in the tracks of American troops in the futile Afghan war.

Then there's the global warming challenge. Here, with our wealth, we could be a leader. Instead we wait for the Americans to do something significant so that we can mimic them.

At least Bush had to ask Blair for support. Obama doesn't even have to do that. He heads for Copenhagen and his poodle trots obediently along behind him.

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  1. Ever notice that Stevie seems really lost without his buddy and puppet master Georgie?