09 April 2010

Sad news from Ward 9

I was sorry to hear Alderman Joe Ceci announce his decision yesterday not to run for reelection in this fall's Calgary civic elections. Alderman Ceci's moderate, progressive approach has been a credit to politics and leadership in this city for 15 years. He doesn't represent my ward but, no matter, he has represented my views on how a city ought to function. I will, therefore, genuinely feel I've lost a representative after October 18th.

Alderman Ceci rejected the law and order mantra that has captivated too many Calgary politicians in recent years in favour of creating a more compassionate and equitable city, the best antidote to crime. His has been a strong voice in favour of affordable housing and sound social infrastructure. He has served Calgary well at the local, provincial and national levels, acting as the city's representative on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for a number of years.

In any case, Ward 9 will be the poorer.

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