07 July 2010

The Israel tail once again wags the American dog

The routine seems almost choreographed. The Israelis do something outrageous to the Palestinians. The Americans huff and puff. The Israeli prime minister visits Washington (it took two visits this time), tactfully reminds the president that the Israeli Lobby has more influence on Congress than he does, and all is forgiven. Once again, the tail successfully wags the dog. As for the Palestinians ... well, they don't have much influence in Congress.

Benjamin Netanyahu's little chat with Barack Obama yesterday has been declared an unqualified success for the Israeli prime minister. He is reported to have gotten everything he wanted from the president, including turning a blind eye to Israel's nuclear weapons while opposing Iran's possession of same and forgiveness for the entrenchment of settlements on Palestinian land. With Congressional elections coming up in November, no one should be surprised at Obama's subservience.

But, as the American military has pointed out, this continued servility toward Israel may not be healthy for American interests. It undermines American relationships with Arab countries while fueling support for those who resort to violence against the great power that unequivocally supports the Palestinians' oppressor. In short, it puts American lives at risk, both civilian and military. But that's long term and there are elections to be won in the short term. Security is a huge issue in the U.S., but this apparently is one area where it can safely be sacrificed for political gain. And that in itself testifies to the power of the Israeli tail.

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  1. O is using a carrot this time. He could pull out the stick again.