19 October 2010

Election Calgary 2010 -- my choices confirmed

Thank you, my fellow Calgarians, for confirming my choices in yesterday's civic election. For the first time I can remember, everyone I voted for -- school trustee, alderman and mayor -- won. And what a turnout: 53.2 per cent compared to 32.9 per cent in 2007. Not the 100 per cent it should be, but a huge improvement, nonetheless.

I was particularly pleased to see the development industry's man for mayor, Ric McIvor, go down to defeat, despite the big bucks they threw in his direction (to say nothing about the support he had from Stephen Harper’s campaign team and that he's been running practically since the last election). The possibility of doing something about sprawl, Calgary's biggest challenge, is now greatly increased.

City Council should also function much more effectively with the departure of both parties to the feuding between McIvor and former mayor Dave Bronconnier.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is truly a fresh face in the Calgary civic arena and his progress will be followed closely by his fellow citizens. So, welcome, sir, and the best of luck ... for you and us.

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