02 September 2013

At least the provinces (well, two of them) care about climate change

In a good news item, the governments of Ontario and Manitoba announced they will maintain the internationally renowned Experiment Lakes Area project. Ontario has committed $2-million a year and Manitoba another $900,000 over six years through its funding of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). The IISD, a Winnipeg-based public policy research organization, will run the site.

The project's future had been in doubt since the federal government announced last year that, as part of its budget cuts to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, it would close the site despite its international reputation as a pioneer of research into such environmental problems as acid rain, mercury and phosphates.

In making the announcement, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stated, "I am thrilled that the Experimental Lakes Area will remain open. The research performed here provides invaluable knowledge about climate change and helps protect freshwater systems around the world."

So there you have it, a premier who rhapsodizes about research into climate change. What a pleasant change from a prime minister (and at least one premier) who rhapsodizes about producing dirty oil.

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