12 March 2015

Why do we allow face coverings in the House of Commons?

The Prime Minister explains to the House why face coverings are unacceptable to Canadians

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  1. Yep, it is obvious to me that the turban, beard and mustache cover almost half of his face. I bet he would look very different without his turban and beard ... hmmm ... potential security issue here too, eh? :)

    Don't Canadians (especially those who agree with Harper that the woman should remove her niqab despite the court saying it was not an issue) find it offensive that an MP should partially cover his face in Parliament, where transparency should be the order of the day?

    Isn't is against "Canadian" values (whatever that means) not to show one's face fully when voting for laws that affect all Canadians?

    Further, I suspect many feminists would ask why men like Uppal are allowed to get away with significantly covering their faces while women should be told (by men like our PM and Uppal, who had nodded his head in agreement with Harper, just like a trained seal) that it is offensive not to show their faces fully even when the court is on their side?

    I think, Bill, we could all be greatly amused by this silly issue had it not been for the potential serious consequences that could arise from the targeting of a vulnerable group apparently for crass political gains by these disgusting politicians like our PM and his MPs like Uppal.