14 November 2007

Growth hammers Calgarians' quality of life

With Alberta's booming economy front and centre in the financial news, observers might expect Calgary's quality of life to be booming proportionately. Calgarians would beg to differ. According to the city's annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 61 per cent of Calgarians said their quality of life had deteriorated over the past three years, a significant increase over last year's 51 per cent.

Calgarians still appreciate their city with 67 per cent saying life in Calgary was good or very good. Nonetheless, this has dropped from 77 per cent in 2006 and 85 per cent in 2005, a precipitous decline.

Asked about the causes of the decline, residents blamed the rate of growth and issues related to growth such as transportation problems, cost of housing, homelessness and crime. Apparently, not only for hosting the greatest outdoor show on earth is Calgary known as the Stampede City.

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