07 November 2007

Misogynist mates

How fitting Pope Benedict XVI and King Abdullah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Saud of Arabia should sit down for a heart-to-heart. They have so much in common: they are both supreme rulers, they are both guardians of a religion and religious places, and they are both confirmed misogynists. In the Pope's domain, women are not allowed to rise to high office; they are relegated to roles as servants and supplicants. In the King's domain, they aren't even allowed to drive a bloody car!

The two old boys are said to have discussed many weighty matters: dialogue between religions and civilizations, confronting violence and terrorism, harmony between nations, and such like, agreeing naturally that the solutions to the world's problems lay through religion. They did not, apparently, discuss women's rights.

What a pair -- truly a match made in Heaven.

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