15 December 2013

Alberta creates a Minister of Renewable Energy

Occasionally a spark of hope interrupts the dreary flow of environmental news. Such a spark occurred in Alberta last week with the announcement by Premier Redford that Donna Kennedy-Glans would be the new Associate Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy. The ministry will be the first of its kind in Canada.

Considering that Alberta's heavy reliance on coal results in it being responsible for more than half of the greenhouse gas emissions from all of Canada’s electricity systems, the portfolio assumes a special importance. It suggests a recognition by the government of the abundant renewable energy opportunities in our province.

And the Premier has made a good choice for the new ministry. Ms. Kennedy-Glans chairs the all-party Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship and sits on the government´s Ministerial Working Group on Natural Resources and Environment. She is relatively progressive and has shown a strong interest in environmental responsibility. I wish her well in her new and profoundly important job.

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