12 December 2013

The man from Goldman Sachs comes to Canada

U.S. President Obama has nominated another one of his major fundraisers as ambassador to Canada. Like David Jacobson, the current ambassador, nominee Bruce Heyman was a “mega-bundler” for Obama’s presidential campaigns, helping to raise millions of dollars. Unlike Jacobson, a lawyer, Heyman is Wall Street all the way, having toiled at Goldman Sachs for the last 33 years, ultimately becoming a partner.

Goldman Sachs has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Obama. In 2008, they were his major corporate donor, but in 2012 they switched to Romney. Not only was Romney a fellow Wall Streeter, Obama it seemed had not been sufficiently deferential. Nonetheless, Heyman remained loyal, serving with his wife, also a major fundraiser, on Obama’s National Finance Committee in 2012.

That these guys raised mega bucks for the president is a good thing for Canada. Little gets you closer to a politician than big money, and an ambassador close to the president is a valuable asset for us. Heyman has yet to be confirmed by the Senate (the elected American version), but so far that looks like a walk in the park.

So welcome to Canada, Ambassador Heyman. We'll try not to hold your association with Goldman Sachs against you.

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