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Democracy Undone: The Practice and the Promise of Self-governance in Canada
Democracy Undone analyzes Canadian self-governance in a full range of institutions, including politics and government, the workplace, the economy, the media and education, and considers the effects of technological change and globalization. Where an institution is found to be deficient in democracy, the book offers ideas for bringing it closer to the ideal.

Confessions of a Matriarchist: Rebuilding Society on Feminine Principles
Confessions of a Matriarchist examines the biological and cultural roots of male aggression, exposes its macho and patriarchal workings in a full range of our institutions, and offers feminine alternatives.

No Free Lunch and Other Myths
Our modern, democratic, capitalist society is replete with myths. One of the most popular is the "no free lunch" myth. This myth insists that no one gets anything for nothing, that there is always a price to be paid. True? Or mere fable? 

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