About the author

Born in the Qu’Appelle Valley in southern Saskatchewan. Experienced an idyllic, Huck Finn boyhood growing up in the country in a valley of lakes. Left home shortly after high school to take up residence in the city, became urbanized, and now feels that home is the inner city, specifically the Beltline in Calgary.

Now retired, served diverse careers including labourer, banker, land titles clerk, petroleum engineer, commercial artist, cartoonist and communications instructor in diverse places including Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Edmonton, Victoria, London, Bermuda, Puerto Vallarta and Houston. Has written and published technical papers, poetry, short stories, articles, three non-fiction books, and, of course, a blog.

No religious beliefs. Politically progressive. Self-defined as a social democrat, although drawn to liberalism for its tolerance and even occasionally to conservatism—in the old-fashioned sense of conservation and heritage. University-educated narrowly (petroleum engineering) but self-educated broadly via a lively interest in the world, experience and voluminous reading.