14 June 2008

Al Jazeera wins prestigious award

As a frequent visitor to Al Jazeera's website (I am forbidden TV access to Al Jazeera), I was pleased to see the broadcaster win Best 24 Hour News Program award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Jurors singled out Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera's Gaza correspondent, for her bravery in reporting from the beleaguered territory and commented on her concise and informative reports. Al Jazeera was nominated in every news category at the prestigious event.

Al Jazeera's value to me lies in its presentation of world events from a perspective at variance from most Western media, a perspective with rather more sympathy with Third World sensibilities, sensibilities I often find absent or diminished in Western news reporting.

Our very own CBC was also honoured with The National winning Best TV News Item award for "Gaza Rockets," a piece about a rocket-making factory in Gaza and the Israeli community targeted by the missiles. So kudos to our national broadcaster as well.

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