17 April 2010

Thank you, Paul Martin

According to Statistics Canada, the recent global recession was "less severe and shorter in Canada." While our southern neighbour suffered its worst economic decline since the Great Depression, ours was shorter and milder than the recessions of 1981-82 and 1991-92 . Exports and corporate profits fell sharply but, a report released Thursday states, "domestic spending was sustained by strong balance sheets and savings built up in previous years and a financial system that emerged largely unscathed from the crisis in the U.S. and Europe."

Of course, Harper caught a break, too. If he had got a majority in 2006, freeing him to institute the failed policies of the U.S., he would have had to take the fall for the results. As it turned out, he has only had minority governments, confining him to moderate measures, and now he gets to walk tall on the world stage as the leader of the country with the model banking system. He was, you might say, saved from his own folly.

As were we. Looking good because of the astute Mr. Martin. I thank you, sir.


  1. Takes me back to better times

  2. Funny how Brother Steve works; something goes wrong and he jumps and huffs and puffs: "The Libruls did it! It's all their fault!"

    However, when something good happens, something the Liberals in a previous life did, well, Brother Steve is of course front and center in taking the credit.

    Own the Podium was created before Steve took power and remember how folks looked up to STeve as the hero from bring the Olympics to Vancouver due to all the gold medals, ever so conveniently forgetting that the bid for Vancouver was won in 2003; when Chretien was still in power; it was Chretien who submitted Vancouver.

    Why should this economic situation be any different?

    Furthermore, if we allow Steve loose with a majority, count on him to deregulate the financial industry.

    Weird how the US is progressing more than Canada; in fact, with Harper in power, Canada regresses.