15 September 2010

Iran and the military-industrial complex

Once again the United States is fueling the fires of war in the Middle East. It has announced the sale of up to an incredible $60-billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. And these are offensive, not defensive, weapons. Sixty billion in arms to an oppressive dictatorship is irresponsible beyond measure. And equally hypocritical. While it excoriates the Taliban for their treatment of women, the U.S. arms the world's most misogynistic dictatorship to the teeth.

The excuse, of course, is Iran, a nation which in all its modern history has never invaded another country, unlike the United States which invades other countries routinely. And unlike Israel, the country the U.S. is ostensibly protecting, which invades its neighbours routinely. Israel, needless to say, supports the sale.

And then there's another possible reason for the deal. The products to be purchased are aircraft: fighter planes, attack helicopters, etc. This will be a bonanza for U.S. defence contractors. Boeing alone is expected to involve 77,000 jobs in 44 states in supplying the aircraft. Could this, the biggest U.S. arms sale ever, be just another stimulus program? Yet more weaponry may be just what the Middle East doesn't need, but it will provide a welcome boost to the American economy. The military-industrial complex wins another one.

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  1. Let's face it, that oil isn't going to pay for itself. Even then the U.S. isn't going to really trust the Saudis with their new, high-tech toys. There'll be a "fail safe" (their word, not mine) system built into the F-15s sensors that renders them unsable against Israeli aircraft.