21 September 2011

British cooking a hit in Berlin

Black is white, down is up, and British cooking is popular in Berlin. It's true! Berlin has seen the opening of a spate of cafes and bars featuring British food.

East London, a cafe recently established in the trendy Kreuzberg district, serves scotch eggs, bacon and egg butties and steak and ale pies. Das Gift, run by Glaswegian musician Barry Burns, offers snacks such as salt'n'vinegar crisps and Tunnock's Caramel Wafers, along with a large range of Scottish ales. Hudson's, a corner cafe specializing in British baking, is so popular that weekends require reservations. There is even a chain, Broken English, which recently opened its third branch.

Prices can be a bit on the high side. At East London, a cup of tea will cost you $3.90 and a full English breakfast $13.00. People paying these prices for British cooking? Or must we now refer to it as British cuisine?

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