03 December 2011

Americans turn against the Tea Party

A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that Americans, or at least those who have an opinion on the matter, are turning against the Tea Party. A year ago, as the Republican Party was making sweeping gains in the midterm elections, 24 per cent of Americans said they agreed with the Tea Party while 14 per cent disagreed. That has now reversed with 20 per cent agreeing and 27 per cent disagreeing. A majority in both surveys offered no opinion.

Even in districts which elected Tea Party candidates, support has changed significantly. Agreement has dropped from 31 per cent to 25 per cent and disagreement more than doubled from 10 per cent to 23 per cent. Again, most Americans had no opinion.

Apparently the Tea Party in action has turned out to be a lot less appealing than the Tea Party in theory.

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