26 September 2012

Romney really does represent Republicans

Mitt Romney's dismissal of almost half of the American people as parasites even offended some members of his own party. Nonetheless, the now famous 47 per cent video not only revealed the real Romney, it revealed the real Republican.

In response to a recent survey, only 40 per cent of Republicans agreed with the statement, "It is the responsibility of the government to take care of people who can't take care of themselves." By comparison, 75 per cent of Democrats and 59 per cent of independents agreed. Republican support for taking care of the less fortunate has declined from 62 per cent 25 years ago while support by Democrats has remained relatively constant. This is no surprise considering the shift of the Republican Party to the hard right.

The Republicans have done a great job of convincing Americans that somehow they represent the average Joe and Jane even though they have always been the agent of the rich. The video offered a glimpse into the reality behind the claim. It showed the American people what most Republicans really think about at least 47 per cent of them. They now have a chance in November to return the sentiment.

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