20 November 2013

Calgarians are happy campers

If you were looking for a living definition of the expression "happy campers," you might cast an eye on Calgary. According to an Ipsos Reid poll, almost ninety per cent of Calgarians believe their city has a good quality of life and is on the right track to become a better city; 95 per cent give it a positive rating for overall performance; 86 per cent say city government is open and accessible; and 85 per cent consider their neighbourhoods to be safe places.

Not bad. Particularly not bad considering that the city suffered a massive flood in mid year. Although, on second thought, that may have contributed to the high rating. Over 95 per cent of the survey respondents rated the city highly on overall handling of the crisis, evacuation procedures, communications and helping Calgarians recover. As a Calgarians living in one of the hardest hit flood zones, I heartily agree to all that.

And here's a point of some substance: a majority said they not only receive good value for their tax dollars but would accept a tax increase if services are maintained or expanded. Now there's a bunch of happy campers indeed.

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