24 April 2014

UK PM claims Britain is a Christian country—it ain't

British Prime Minister David Cameron has put the cat among the pigeons claiming, perhaps unduly influenced by the Easter season, that Britain is a Christian country. In fact, he suggested Brits should be downright evangelical about it.

He is, however, dead wrong. A 2012 British Society Attitudes Survey indicated that the country is barely religious, never mind Christian. According to the survey, only 37 per cent of Britons consider themselves Christian while 48 per cent have no religion at all.

What Cameron is trying to achieve with his proselytizing is hard to fathom, but playing the religious card is an American gimmick that probably won't play well in the secular world of British political life. In any case, it seems Richard Dawkins is now more representative of British religious views than the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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