22 July 2014

Who loves the US of A?

The answer to the above question, according to a Pew Research survey of 44 countries, is mostly everybody. Well, outside of the Middle East anyway. Not surprisingly, most Middle Eastern countries hold an unfavourable view of the U.S., led by Egypt where only 10 per cent of the population is favorably disposed.

Most European countries are fans, particularly Italy, France (now there's a surprise) and Poland, where over three-quarters of the public hold positive views of the U.S. Approval has declined to low numbers, however, in Germany, likely because of spying on their PM, and even more so in Russia, no doubt over the Ukraine issue.

The U.S. is overwhelmingly popular throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Popularity peaks in the Philippines, where over 90 per cent of Filipinos hold a favourable view. Even 60 per cent of Venezuelans, despite the tensions between the two countries, offer a favourable rating, as did half the Chinese. Pakistanis, however, return the low esteem Americans hold their country in with only 14 per cent warmly disposed toward the U.S.

Americans face widespread disapproval of their National Security Agency's spying and strong and increasing disapproval of their nation's drone attacks. Nonetheless, outside of the Middle East, there is little anti-Americanism and a lot of thumbs up. The median rating among the nations surveyed was 65 per cent favourable compared to 49 per cent for China, the Americans' major rival in international affairs. All in all, not bad news for Uncle Sam.

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