13 August 2014

Frank's 10 happiness tips

Pope Francis may still be immersed in a certain amount of traditional Catholic misogyny, but he is nonetheless a breath of fresh air for the church, and for that matter, Christianity. In a recent interview he offered 10 tips to achieve happiness. The tips are worth repeating not only because they make good sense but because they are rather surprising coming from the world's top Christian:
1. "Live and let live."
2. "Be giving of yourself to others."
3. "Proceed calmly" in life.
4. Have "a healthy sense of leisure."
5. "Sunday is for family."
6. Be "creative" with young people and find innovative ways to create dignified jobs.
7. Respect and take care of nature.
8. Stop being negative.
9. "The worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes."
10. Work for peace. "We are living in a time of many wars. The call for peace must be shouted."
Surprisingly, other than Number 5, they ignore the Ten Commandments. Indeed Number 1, which sounds like a Canadian motto, seems in direct contradiction of the Commandments' dictatorial tone. Along with Number 9, it also violates what I have always thought to be a Christian duty: spreading the good word and converting everybody gullible enough to take it seriously.

Now if only other Christian leaders, along with a parcel of Imams, would emulate il Papa, lay off the proselytizing and preach a little more "live and let live," the world would be a much better place.

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  1. As a Protestant educated by Jesuits I am not especially surprised by any of this.