23 May 2015

Finally, a voice Harper may listen to

A carbon tax is an eminently fair and sensible approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And big oil agrees. At least Steve Williams, CEO of Canada's largest oil and gas producer, Suncor Energy, does. Speaking to a downtown Calgary crowd on Friday, Williams stated, "We think climate change is happening. We think a broad-based carbon price is the right answer."

He emphasized the "broad-based," pointing out that 80% of greenhouse gases originate at the point of consumption, as people drive their cars and heat their homes. (Actually only 50% in Alberta because of the tar sands and the heavy industrial use of coal.) I agree completely. Spewing out carbon dioxide is just another form of littering, although a particularly pernicious kind, and those who litter should pay and the more you litter the more you should pay. This should apply to us end users, not just the producers of the products.

During his interview, Williams took a not too subtle slap at the federal government, commenting, "We're trying to move Canada to a position of leadership, that's not how we are viewed around the world at the moment. We are viewed to be quite the opposite." Again, I agree completely. The Harper government's environmental policies have turned us into a pariah. The Suncor CEO is simply recognizing that this is not good for the oil and gas industry. While the government may believe it is doing the companies a favour, it is simply getting them blacklisted in the world's eyes. Whether or not Mr. Harper will appreciate the irony, we shall have to wait and see. But if he listens to anyone, and that's a big if, it will be someone like citizen Williams.


  1. I doubt this will move Harper, Bill. The feds' approach to emissions control is to off-load it onto the provinces. He freely claims credit for their successes and gets to duck responsibility for their inconsistencies or failures.

  2. Big Business ought to have to foot most of the Carbon Tax. But here again, it will be the ordinary working class that will end up paying the most.