28 May 2016

Derek Fildebrandt outdoes his usual boorish self

That all too many of our politicians all too often behave boorishly in our legislatures is an unfortunate fact of life and politics. A recent incident in the House of Commons focused international attention on the antics of its members. Not to be outdone by his federal counterparts, Wildrose financial critic Derek Fildebrandt put on a prize-winning display of boorishness of his own in the Alberta legislature on Thursday.

The legislature was being visited by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne. Fildebrandt took advantage of the occasion to launch into an attack on the perceived failings of the Ontario government and, during question period, as Premier Notley attempted to answer a question, shouted, "Invite Premier Wall here! Invite Premier Wall!"

I could at this point refer to Alberta's reputed western hospitality, but I've never believed we are any more hospitable than any other province and Fildebrandt has confirmed my view, so I'll not play that card. I will, however refer to simple good manners. It is a rule, everywhere in the world, that when you have a guest in your house you treat her with respect. Whether or not you agree with her politics is irrelevant. Apparently Derek Fildebrandt's mother never taught him that simple rule, so I suppose good manners is beyond our expectations.

What we should be able to expect, however, is a smidgen of political smarts. The Alberta government has been working hard to gain support for the Energy East pipeline, and the good will of Ontario is critical to that effort. So what does this fool do? He publicly insults the premier of Ontario.

I doubt that Fildebrandt's foolishness will affect Premier Wynne's views on the pipeline. She is after all, unlike Fildebrandt, a grown-up. Nonetheless, one wonders why the Wildrose allow this man to act as a party spokesman when he consistently allows his ego and his hostility to override his common sense. (Yes, this is the same Derek Fildebrandt who accused the NDP of deceiving Albertans because they were keeping their campaign promises.) Wildrosers claim to be great supporters of the oil industry and of pipelines. If so, their leader might just have a word with their loutish colleague about his verbal sabotaging of the government's efforts to promote Energy East.

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  1. Hi, Bill. Is there a legislature in this country that doesn't have a Fildebrandt or two? Civility seems to be in short supply these days.