28 May 2016

Kudos to Wildrose (the Fildebrandt story, part two)

In my last post I criticized Wildrose financial critic Derek Fildebrandt for his boorish insulting of visiting Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in the Alberta legislature on Thursday. I concluded by suggesting the Wildrose leader should have a talk with his loutish colleague. Well, I give Wildrose credit, they took action.

Yesterday, they issued an apology on behalf of Fildebrandt. Wildrose house leader Nathan Cooper admitted it was a mistake to insult Wynne while she was a guest at the legislature, saying "We didn't have a respectful tone yesterday. We express regret for how things unfolded."

Furthermore, Fildebrandt has since been suspended from the party caucus for yet another faux pas. In an exchange of comments with a constituent on social media following the legislature debacle, he applauded the constituent who sarcastically referred to Premier Wynne as "Mr." Wildrose leader Brian Jean said the comment "does not reflect the values of the Wildrose caucus" and then gave his colleague the boot.

Mr. Jean has done the right thing and at least partly restored the reputation of his party, the Alberta legislature and Albertans. As he says, Mr. Fildebrandt's comments decidedly do not reflect the values of most of us.

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